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Tampa Suboxone Clinics is a Tampa-based addiction treatment clinic that provides individuals with long-term addiction recovery through our effective treatment options.

Apart from Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), we also focus on your mental health and overall well-being by incorporating group therapy sessions so that you can address the challenges that come with the disease of addiction.

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  • We are dedicated to your physical and mental health
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  • Drug Addiction Treatment

    Drug and alcohol addiction is something that millions of Americans struggle with daily.

  • Medication Assisted Treatment

    MAT has also proven to successfully treat other substance use disorders for other forms of alcohol or drug addictions, as well as helping people sustain recovery.

  • Meth Addiction Treatment

    Deciding to seek treatment for meth addiction doesn’t have to be scary. We are proud to provide our patients with a safe space where they can freely express their true feelings and emotions.

  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment

    If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, our team at Tampa Suboxone Clinic is prepared to help you.

  • Heroin Addiction Treatment

    Treating heroin addiction typically involves medication, group therapies, and lifestyle changes. At Tampa Suboxone Clinic, we offer treatment programs tailored to the needs of those facing substance use disorders.

  • Opioid Addiction Treatment

    We incorporate various approaches and methods into our opioid treatment program. Each patient has a personalized plan.

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    If you are seeking addiction treatment, we are prepared to assist you.

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